6 Tips To Plan The Ultimate Babymoon

When you’re pregnant, you’re understandably excited about and focused on the arrival of your new baby. But as you know, babies more or less take up all of your time and energy for a good long time. Why not take advantage of the newborn-free months you have left and see what more and more couples are working into their pregnancies: a babymoon!

A babymoon is simply a fun, relaxing trip that gives you a break from doctor’s appointments and baby shopping, and also gives you and your partner a bit of a “calm before the storm” – a time to connect and relax together before your life turns upside down (you know, in a good way) for the next eighteen years. Sometimes, though, trips can be more stress than they’re worth; these tips will help you make sure your babymoon won’t be.

1. Pick the Right Time

You may still be dealing with too much morning sickness to travel during the first trimester, and the last trimester may find your belly too big for you to be comfortable in the car for very long. That means the second trimester is probably your babymoon sweet spot. If you’re flying, check with the airline first so you aren’t surprised by policies that prevent you from flying too close to your due date.

2. Go for Low-Stress Travel

If you’re flying, look for a nonstop flight and request an aisle seat (so those inevitably frequent bathroom trips are less of a hassle). If you’re driving, stick to destinations within four or five hours from home, and stop every hour or so. A cruise is probably not the best idea for a babymoon. Cruises can mean multiple modes of travel, and worse, you could get seasick – and there’s no escape.

3. Plan the Right Activities

This is a special time for you and your partner, so think of something really special to do together that suits the occasion. Have you been to Vegas? Many hotels have tons of activities and entertainment in-house that isn’t physically demanding, and when you get tired, your room is right upstairs. Or consider sports events, museums, movies, or even a foliage viewing road trip in the mountains (but ask your doctor to make sure the high altitude won’t be a problem). Whatever you guys would enjoy together that wouldn’t tire you out too much (or take you too far from a bathroom!). And don’t forget breakfast in bed one morning – or every morning.

4. Know Where to Find Medical Help

If you’re leaving the country, keep in mind that a language barrier will only make a medical emergency worse, so pick a country where this won’t be a problem. Whether you’re travelling abroad or sticking closer to home, put the Internet to good use and find a hotel with a hospital or clinic nearby for extra safety and peace of mind. And whatever you do, don’t forget your insurance card and your doc’s contact information.

5. Know What the Food Situation Is

Check out the menus of the restaurants near your hotel (or in your hotel) and make sure there’s something there you can stomach. 24-hour room service is a delicious luxury when midnight munchies strike, and if you and your sweetie want to enjoy a candlelit dinner for two, look for a nice restaurant inside the hotel. Another good option to look for is a buffet, because with that kind of variety you’re bound to find something that won’t offend your uncooperative senses of smell and taste.

6. Make It About You

Spring for a room with a king-size bed and ask for extra pillows so you can be as comfortable as possible. Stay away from rooms overlooking the pool – the delighted squeals of children are adorable, but you’ve got enough of that in your near future to last you a lifetime. You might also want to give some serious consideration for some spa time! “Me” time will be scarce in the coming months, so enjoy it while you can. Book a prenatal massage, try a couple’s massage, or get a soothing facial – as long as you and your partner pamper yourselves and have a great time together, you can’t go wrong.

What have you got planned for your babymoon? If you’ve done one in the past, what recommendations would you have for other mums-to-be?

(Image Source: orbitz.com)