Free Apps For Kids

It’s hard to keep kids entertained, but these awesome free apps make the job a little easier. There are thousands of apps for kids available on iPhone, Android, iPad, and more, but they aren’t all created equal.

Here are some that will entertain your kids for more than fifteen minutes, will teach something valuable, and are entirely appropriate for youngsters. Without further ado, our top picks for free, fun, and kid-friendly 2015 apps worth installing:

1. Forestry.
Also appropriate for the preschool set, Forestry does have in-app purchases, so be aware of that. But Forestry is an educational and fascinating free game in which kids can help the forest dwellers gather food, build houses, swim, and get ready for bedtime. Forestry is great for memory and attention and can be helpful at bedtime.

2. Temple Run.
Enjoyed by pretty much everyone over the age of three, Temple Run involves a treasure, lots of running, and some crazed, demonic monkeys. What more can you ask for?

3. Monster Math.
For primary school children, Monster Math beats the pants off of flash cards-type apps and truly makes math fun. This is one of the best math apps out there, hands down. The player goes along with Maxx the Monster on his adventures, exploring new worlds and battling enemies – and players can help him out with the power of math.

4. Lego Juniors Create & Cruise. Free and with no in-app purchases is hard to beat! Aimed at four-to-seven-year-olds, this app lets kids build trucks, transport cargo, and earn more Lego parts by collecting coins.

5. Talking Magic Rabbit. You may get sick of this app, but your kids won’t. They’ll have a blast interacting with Talking Magic Rabbit and his 18 different outfits and different scenes including disco and nighttime. Mind the in-app purchases.

6. Amazing Escape – Mouse Maze. Play Mouse Maze on a tablet for the best experience. Evade the cats as you drag your cheese around the house – a surprisingly tense, exciting game!

7. Sound Uncovered. This extremely cool free app explores all things sound. Learn about auditory illusions, test your hearing, and answer all your burning sound-related questions like how Siri understands so many different accents and whether there really are secret messages in music played backwards.

8. Virtuoso Piano. Also appropriate for teens, Virtuoso Piano is a great tool for music practice and study. Perfect for finding the right note before an audition or music or drama performance.

What other great free apps would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!