golf for kids

Instilling good lifestyle habits is something that most parents take very seriously. As a result, physical activities become an essential element in the quest for good family life habits. Have you ever thought about golf for kids and introducing your children to golf? Here are 5 good reasons why you should think about introducing your little ones to golf!

1. Golf is played outdoors

A big advantage of golf is that it is played outdoors. We all know that breathing fresh air is good for our health which explains why outdoor sports are becoming more and more popular. Golf allows you to enjoy the outdoors and spend time in nature, which is super important for kids. Outdoor sports are good for your body and your mind.

Indeed, practicing outdoor activities allows you to oxygenate yourself, calm your mind and lower your level of anxiety. These elements have a direct influence on mood, another good reason for introducing your children to golf!

While playing golf, children spend less time on electronic devices. Spending time outdoors also increases levels of concentration, which is beneficial for children who have a lot of energy and difficulty concentrating.

2. Golf is good for personal development

Golf is a sport where etiquette is important, even more than talent. This is a good way to teach children to respect themselves, others and the rules. By its very nature, golf is a sport that requires self-control, focus and resilience.

While playing golf, children are faced with challenges throughout the course. They must manage the good as well as the bad shots to finish the game. Golf helps develop character by facing yourself and the course. These are all important elements in shaping a child’s character.

Golf therefore becomes an important ally in the learning of these concepts and the earlier children are confronted with it, the greater the impact on their personal development.

3. Golf is a good investment

Golf is an excellent investment since it is played for a very long time. You can learn to golf at a young age and can continue to learn throughout your life, unlike other sports. In addition, golf is a sport that can be very useful in a career, for networking or for participating in corporate tournaments.

There is even an American study which showed that playing golf increases the annual salary of Americans… Who knows, your child might be able to thank you for it later ????

4. Golf is good for your health

Like any physical activity, golf is good for your health. It is important to know that playing golf two to three times a week can reduce the risk of diabetes. Golf is also a sport that requires a lot of muscle strength and requires strong coordination. All important factors to develop in a child.

5. Golf allows you to spend more time with family and friends

A great advantage of golf is that it allows you to exercise in the company of three other people, in this case, members of your family. You have the  opportunity to rub shoulders with your playing partners for 4 hours, which gives you chance to spend quality time that will certainly bring you closer.

Golf creates multiple memories, from the best shot to the worst blunder ???? It’s also a great way to bond with family members, but also with golf partners who will no doubt become friends.

If everyone in your family enjoys golf, you can easily integrate this physical activity into your family routine. By introducing your children to a sport that you practice, you can optimize your time by practicing your favorite sport in their company.

In addition, golf is played with partners of all levels, without compromising the enjoyment of others, as can be the case in other sports, such as tennis for example. The presence of less skilled members in your foursome will not interfere with your enjoyment of the game. On the contrary, if you wish, you can develop your mentoring skills by coaching them.

In addition, playing golf with your family allows you to take golfing trips that will be an opportunity to create unique memories while exploring local courses or even international courses.

In short, no matter where you play, golf will allow you to create unforgettable memories with your family.

If you are a golf enthusiast, it would be a great opportunity to introduce your child to golf for all the health benefits it can bring.

Life goes by so fast and spending time with our children is such an important part of their development. If you’re not already a golfer, that’s even better! This will make for a great family experience to learn together to master this sport!

If you are interested in introducing your kids to golf, take a look at to read all about this wonderful sport.