Learn how to swaddle a baby
Having a hard time settling your little one? Why not try swaddling your baby? It will make him feel secure just like inside your womb and should help him (and you!) have some good quality sleep.

It’s definitely worth giving a try when everything has failed. Not all babies like being swaddled but if your little one is like the majority who does, it can be a great way to soothe him. Your baby might prefer both arms tucked in or maybe have one arm left free. Either way, just give it a try and your baby will let you know what he likes the best.
how to swaddle a baby
Here’s a video showing 2 swaddling techniques I’ve been using with my daughter. They are both really good but I tend to use the second one (the Aussie method) more now that she’s older because she likes to be able to bring her hands close to her face.

The wraps used in this video are muslin wraps which are made from natural fiber. I have been using those with my daughter and I’m really happy with them because they’re not too thick and allow air to circulate around her body which prevents her from overheating.

Let us know if you have a different swaddling technique that works really well with your little one. The more techniques we know about the better!