Baby Shower Games Ideas

Baby showers are a great opportunity to support an expecting couple and provide gifts and supplies for a baby. Your baby shower doesn’t have to be cheesy, and in fact can represent your unique personality as a couple and your hopes for your unborn child. Showers can be as fun as a night out on the town, and can produce meaningful memories for the couple and loving keepsakes for the baby.

Your baby shower should be just like any other fabulous party, but with a baby theme. Here are the five best baby shower games ideas.

Baby Videos
Get a video camera to pass around throughout the evening. If people are drinking at the party, wait until everyone has had enough alcohol to loosen up. Then have everyone record a message for the baby. Ask them to share a funny story about the parents, a tip for dealing with the parents or life advice. You’ll end up with a mix of funny, sweet and heart wrenching stories that will tell your story as a couple and record your hopes and dreams for your child.

Baby Mad Libs
Mad libs are stories with random words filled in. Print off a few baby advice columns or articles from the Internet. Remove some words and leave blanks instead describing the word that goes in the blank (noun, verb, adjective, etc.). Then ask the crowd to call out words to fill in these blanks and read the resulting story out loud. You’ll end up with hilarious, bizarre stories that may capture the truth of having children much more appropriately than a scholarly article ever could!

Baby Letters
Ask each member of the party to write a letter to the baby. These letters can be funny, heartfelt, or a mix of the two. You can provide specific questions or simply ask people to write from the heart. Then decorate the letters and put them in a book or frame to give to the couple or to the child when she is old enough to read. The letters will capture a specific moment in time, serve as a reminder of friends past and instill in your child hope for the future.

Who’s the Baby?
Ask every guest to bring to the shower a picture of themselves as babies. Then post the pictures and ask people to guess who each baby is. Give prizes to the winner. Alternatively, have each person produce a paragraph about how they were as a child or a childhood memory. Then guests can guess who wrote each item. Put the paragraphs into a book for your baby. The memories of the adults in her life can be an amazing way to pass on wisdom and convey the universal nature of childhood.

Babies on Ice
Purchase tiny plastic babies from a craft or gag gift store and then freeze them in water in ice trays. Put the ice cubes in people’s drinks and offer a prize to the person who can produce the most plastic babies at the end of the evening. The hilarious antics people will try to get other people’s babies, to melt the ice faster and to win the game will keep the party fun and exciting all night.

Do you have any other fun, original or maybe even unusual baby shower games ideas to share with us? We would love to hear them!